The Folding Dutchman

SpinWood developped The Folding Dutchman as the most stylish way to combine the possibilities of a bench and table. Ideal for your roof terrace, balcony, in the garden, on the boat or just on the doorstep.

The high quality steel construction ensures stability and durability in addition to a beautiful appearance. The unique design of The Folding Dutchman was developed in collaboration with the talented designer "ILIASERNST.


SpinWood designs and produces stylish furniture and accessories for indoor and outdoor. Unique designs, innovation and quality from Dutch origin.

Unique designs, innovation and quality from Dutch origin

For the development of The Folding Dutchman we cooperated with ILIASERNST, the talented industrial designer who scored big with previous designs. By keeping production in the Netherlands, we can control and guarantee the quality and durabiliy of the product.

Spinwood belongs to a Dutch family company based in Naarden. Other companies of the same family are: Tiltak BV and Slowjuice.nl BV
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The Folding Dutchman - SPECIFICATIONS

For The Folding Dutchman by SpinWood galvanized (zinc plated) steel is used, which is finished with a black powder coating for outdoor use. In addition, for the thickness of the steel we made a careful balance between stability and weight. The bench comes with stainless steel bolts and nuts for easy installation and is easy secure with a chain (or lock) through the special ring on the leg.

Whitewood is used that is 'baked' in a special way (thermally modified), which ensures extraction of all the moisture out of the wood and increases the durability class of the timber. The wood remains free of rot and mold regardless of the weather conditions.